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Helping Hands



One of the purest forms of love is giving. 

Inspiration for this project comes from an amazing person. Dyson Bastian gave with his whole heart and gave without recognition. There are countless stories of him being there for people at their lowest moments. Standing up for people when they were unable to stand on their own. Giving not only money to help out someone in need but giving his time, at any hour whether it be day or several for anyone who needed a listening ear. Dyson, left a major impact on many lives. He may be gone but his memory, love, light and passion for helping others lives on through us. In honor of him we’ve created 

“Give Authentically.” 


"God's got a plan"

                -Dyson Bastian 

In Loving Memory

Holding Hands

Why Give Authentically?

It's getting colder and colder in the Midwest and many people are in need of warm clothes!

We will be handing out coats, scarves, hats, and gloves to our fellow community members without homes. We will also be providing this clothing to others who may be in need throughout the community. One of our main goals is to reach out to schools where we can get warm clothes to kids. Click on either option below to donate.

Help In a Different Way

You don't need to be rich or have an abundance of things to help!

If you don't have spare cash or extra articles of clothing to donate, that's okay! We will be going around handing these items out! We would love if you could lend a hand! 

Click below for more info on dates and times!


Fall Tokens
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