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Wedding Film Giveaway

Get ready for something amazing! Live Authentically is giving away  TWO free wedding films! Click to find out more!

Wedding Giveaway

Live Authentically is teaming up with the Mindshape Podcast!


With the sponsorship of the Mindshape Podcast we will be giving away 2 FREE WEDDING FILMS to 2 lucky couples! ($3000 VALUE)


Win for you or a friend! This raffle is sure to make someones wedding day dreams come true!

Here's how to enter:

1. Subscribe to the Mindshape Patreon

2. $1 gets you 100 entries, $3 monthly subscription gets you 400 entries a month, $5 monthly subscription gets you 600 entries a month!

3. Each dollar donated will count for additional $100 entries. (up to $10 or 1000 entries)

4. Anyone subscribed is able to accumulate over 1000 entries.

5. Good luck! We can't wait to film and meet the happy couples!


Entry Rules 



You are allowed to enter up to 1000 entries total per person ($10) unless you are subscription based than you may accumulate any excess over the 1000 entries that you gain per a month. It definitely helps if you have friends and family participating as well.

The Live Authentically L.L.C. Giveaway contest is for brides and grooms with a wedding date in 2021-2023. Must be a future client of Live Authentically L.L.C. to win. 


Live Authentically L.L.C. holds the rights to reject any potential client and/or applicants. 


Both winners will be subject to the standard Live Authentically L.L.C. contract “Terms and Conditions” section. 


The winner will receive Live Authentically L.L.C. “Perfect Love Package” services. The winner must pay for travel and lodging. Lodging may include up to two nights total hotel stay. Travel may include flights and rental car. Failure to oblige will result in disqualification.


Any add-ons or additional services including early arrival or late departure will be subject to additional fees. 


Live Authentically L.L.C. will not be obligated to film due to cancellation or moved dates for any reason. 


Live Authentically L.L.C. has the right to cancel on the client and winner up to 72 hours notice. 


Live Authentically L.L.C. will not be held responsible for any missed footage, lost footage, or audio from the winner or client. 


Live Authentically L.L.C. Giveaway will be decided by November 31, 2021 but announced no later than January 1, 2022.


We are excited for many people to be apart of this. This is a great opportunity to admire couples who've done great work in the community and have beautiful stories. Good luck and always Live Authentically.

                                                Live Authentically LLC

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